Halloween is always a busy time! I’ve added a tail to Andi, and also made two new creatures.. Dominic and Patti.


Heres a short preview of Andi that I made for a Halloween costume. I even added a tail, and used snap buttons.

For another hoodie I made for my friend. The blue and gold/yellow was inspired by the UCLA colors. My friend and her husband met at UCLA, fell in love, got married and they had a cute little one named Dominic. I named the hoodie after him. I plan on adding some collegite letters that say “UCLA” and has a “D” for his name. I wanted it to be varsity jacket inspired.


For the third hoodie I was working on, I Incorporated a checker pattern the customer wanted. I called her Patti the Punk Rock Dragon.


I finally got a last minute custom order for Hallloween. My friend wanted a Pooh Bear.

Want to order a hoodie? Etsy Shop.

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