Here at the Wonderful World of Wu, we have many creatures roaming around. The family is ever growing, but for now, here are a few that I’ve created:



Sophie the Spunky One

Sophie the dragon is very spunky. She loves to roam around in the urban jungle and play in the world of fun and magic at night. Around the town she goes, rubbing her belly and spreading her message of joy and laughter. Sophie has purple skin and black and dark green spikes and scales.

Sophie is my first creation and my prototype and my inspiration for Wonderful World of Wu. I never knew creating a Halloween Costume would be so much fun, and from then on, I was addicted.


Andi the Energetic One

Andi is a young, energetic dragon. She’s often times the life of the party. Sporting her pink skin, Andi loves sculpting things out of play-Doh, Minnie Mouse and blowing bubbles.  Andi has bright blue and bright purple spikes.

Andi was my very first order. I had no directional guidelines but that the sweater had to be “bubblegum pink.”  I made it as a gift for a close friend to give to a 3 year old. I was told the girl put it on right away and said “RWAR.” I named the dragon after the little girl, Andi, because it was such an adorable name. I think its quite fitting for the colors too!


Elliot the Helper

Elliot travels across the world helping people in need. He’s a little goofy, misunderstood, and a great shoulder to lean on. Usually invisible, Elliott reveals himself to those he loves. He often times is caught raising havoc but he means no harm. Elliot has green skin with royal and pastel purple spikes.

Elliot was my first real life internet order. I made it for someone in Illinois. She wanted a green hoodie with purple spikes. I did the spikes differently because I wanted to incorporate both hues, but one of the purples seemed to match better than the other. The name and the story behind Elliot was inspired by the Disney classic Pete’s Dragon.



Chickie The Shy One

Chickie is a little dragon. She’s always intrigued by everyone she meets. Chickie can be a little shy at first, but will soon grow very playful. Showing her colorful spikes, she loves to laugh, give high-fives, and get raspberries on her stomach. Chickie is a grey-skinned dragon with pink, purple and bright blue spikes.

Chickie was a very special request. I made one for the daughter of my very close friend.  The blue spikes on Chickie was inspired by her mother.  The name is the girls’ nickname.





Pedobear, also known as Kumā in Japan is the face of pedophilia on the internet. Pedobear was created to wear to a festival. Due to its 21+ nature, I only make it for adults.


That’s all of the creatures I have for now! There are many more to come.

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