DIY Canvas Silp ons



I love slip-on shoes. Yes, I’m no longer a teenager or in college. Turns out, there is a lot to slip-on culture. I bid adieu to my Keds yellow plaid slip-ons years ago (which I got for a great price on sale). I have never been able to find a pair so fabulous and so inexpensive. Keds and Vans slip-ons run from $30-$50 retail value. Custom-made versions run from $60+.

 Slip-ons are great: casual, fast and easy for someone on the go all the time, and due to their shape and minimalistic design, they match with many things.
I found the perfect solution: buy a pair of white ones, and design them myself! Why keep on shopping around for something that potentially strikes my fancy when I can just make something that I like myself? Also, forget spending all of that money!
  • White canvas slip-ons (for $17.99 at paylesss)–this is my 3rd pair and they are very comfortable!
  • Fabric marker, medium tip.
Please be aware that you’re working with marker, so its not that forgiving. It won’t glide on that smoothly because you are working on an uneven surface- canvas. To make straight lines, go slow and work patiently. you can always do a mock up with pencil first. I stuff papers/plastic bags/socks in my shoes to keep its shape and make it hard enough for me to write on it. I also made sure not to touch the canvas after I drew on it, to let the marker dry.
Using simple lines and geometric shapes in high density, I created this:
Up close view

Side View
other side. Almost identical. I use symmetrical and asymmetrical elements.
I like it because the simple patterns but in high density create a high impact look. I usually make these shoes for music festivals then I turn them into comfortable everyday use after breaking them in after a night of dancing.  I made these to wear to Hard Summer, which I put the name of it on the shoe.
I found some tutorials to dye canvas shoes. I think I know what my next pair will be like!

How about you? have you made your own personalized canvas slip ons? Feel free to share pictures!

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