Melvin Close Up CroppedR

I was commissioned to make a Monster’s Inc inspired hoodie for someone. They wanted to be Boo in a monster costume. To date it has been the most labor intensive hoodie I have done. I made over  150 scallops to complete the front of the hood.


Melvin frontR


I used the same piece of felt but laid them using alternating sides of it since once side was slightly darker than the other. To get the glittery affect, I glittered a sheet of felt and let it sit overnight. I wanted the glitter to be more subdued but I feel that it gave the scales more depth from far away.



scales upcloseR

Here is the final product of Boo on the owner. I actually placed the eyes on to take photos. They were going to make some eyes from something that they had but I guess they did not get to that part.



It still looks pretty awesome though!


What other character inspired hoodies do you have in mind? Leave your thoughts below!

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