A catbed fit for your main Coons

I was commissioned during Christmas time to make a catbed for someone’s 2 main coons. Her main coons shared one normal sized cat bed, leaving one cat to snuggle on the floor.

Since main coons are larger than your average tabby, I wanted to make something large enough for them to lounge on.


I used anti-pill fleece, since their owner was familiar with what her cats were attracted to.  The names of the cats are Friday and Rainbow. I did an applique with pink and orange fleece to make the colors pop.




I also added a catnip filled detachable cat head that was detachable so that they could wrestle with it. To a normal cat, it would be too large, but for these large cats, it was just the right size.   I included a pouch so that the catnip could be refilled from time to time.



pocket upclose R

I ended up stuffing the cathead with a combination of catnip pellets and organic catnip.


Overall, this was really fun to do. I learned how to do applique and also learned that batting is pretty easy to work with. You can sew it together as well to make a shape and it holds it form relativity easy. To roll the batting, i just tied some string to hold it together and it worked well.


The project was a success. The cats love it. However, only one uses it, but the great news is that they don’t have to fight over beds now and they can each have their own. I even got a user photo with one chilled out cat.





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